From Kids to Adults, Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is just around the corner, do you know what you are dressing up as yet? I know my daughter has a few ideas of what she wants to be this year but as I’m sure many of you know, Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids. Whether you dress up alongside your kid to take them trick-or-treating or you and your significant other put on a ‘couples costume’ like bacon and eggs and head to the neighborhood Halloween party, this is a fun holiday for all involved. So I thought it might be appropriate to pull together some ideas for Halloween parties of all ages. Below are suggestions for kid games, adult games and some fun food recipes sure to please any little monster or big monster that night.

For the Kids –

 Pin the BOO on the Ghost – Who doesn’t love a rendition of pin the tail on the donkey? Have your kids help paint a ghost on a piece of black paper and cut out little boo speaking bubbles, see who can get that ghost saying boo!

Witch Pitch – Go to your local Halloween or Party store and pick up small witch caldrons, anywhere from 6-12 of them. Then, have your kids pick out some of their favorite candy to act as the tossing instrument and let them pitch away.

Donut Chomp – I think this could be an adult game as well because everyone loves a good VooDoo donut! Hang donuts from strings and have people, with their hands behind their backs, try to get a bite or two of those delicious doughnuts.

 Ghost Races – Get out those extra pillowcases you never use and have your kids help you paint or draw ghost and monster faces on them. Then on your mark, get set, go! Have all the kids jumping in their own little ghost or goblin racing across your yard.

For the Adults –

 Halloween Feel Box – Gross out your guests with this touch and squeal game. Fill a box with items such as peeled grapes, little smokies and cooked spaghetti noodles to see if your guests can figure out what the items are or just make them say ew!

Candy Corn Relay – Let your inner child out again with this game where no hands are used, only a spoon in your mouth, to move candy from one bowl to another.

Candy Jar Estimation – Fill up a giant candy jar with some of your favorite sweets and have your guest guess how many candy pieces are in the container, winner gets to keep the candy for themselves.

Pumpkin Bocce – This is exactly what it sounds like, a new twist on a classic game. Everyone will be supplied with small pumpkins that they will toss at a large pumpkin. And the best part? Everyone can take home their pumpkins as party favors at the end of the game.

Tasty Treats –

 Because there are so many yummy recipes out there, I am sharing a few links of some of the websites I have found to have some of the best treats for Halloween parties:

Hope you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween this year! I know my daughter, husband and I are planning on having a ghoulish-good time.