"Coming Soon" Creates Bigger Boom


If there is something I know about selling property it is that when you first get a new property you want to get it out on the market with a lot of hype around it as a new listing. If you drive around town you can see this type of advertising excitement used on new stores or restaurants that say “opening soon” or “new owner”. In real estate, we like to post a “coming soon” sign in front of properties that are to be put on the market in a timely fashion or even write about them before they go on the market to get potential buyers excited and have them start doing their research on the property.

Another way I cause a stir about new properties even before the information is released to the public is by marketing my listings as “coming soon” to other agents as well before putting the property into the MLS. If other agents know what their clients are looking for, and I go to them with a lead on a potential property, then more agents will actively look for my properties in the future as well as want to work with me again.

A study was recently done in Chicago where they took the number of properties that had been advertised as “coming soon” versus properties that did not saw the properties with “coming soon” selling after 28 days on the market versus houses not which sold after 42 days on the market.

These kind of studies continue to show that before it is time to list your property to the public and put it in the MLS, you should marketing the property as “coming soon” to build hype around the new arrival to the market. Like I mentioned before, many companies and business owners use this same tactic when it comes to building excitement over a new business or launch and here I am doing the same thing for my clients and their “coming soon” property.

If you are thinking it is time to put your house on the market then let me be the Realtor to get the ball rolling and get people and agents interested in your place with a “coming soon” announcement. Or if you are starting to look for a house but want help finding houses before they have even hit the market, give me a call and let’s grab coffee and discuss finding your “coming soon” home and making it your forever home.