Thinking outside the REALTOR® Box!

I am currently working with a fabulous Buyer, Zach Karl.  We listed his home last week in Thornton, CO and had 50 showings and 12 offers.  We are currently under contract on this home and now we are on to find his new Loft in Downtown Denver. Zach is looking to make Downtown his home not only because he works downtown but he also has a passion and interest for all things creative, from graphic design to writing music.  He spends most of his free time pursuing artistic endeavors which is why he is searching for a historic loft. 

The current real estate market in Denver is very challenging as our inventory is at an all time low and there are more Buyer's than there are properties.  We have a bigger challenge and that is finding a "True Historic Loft" in Downtown Denver.  

This has gotten me to start thinking outside the REALTOR®box and to start marketing by Buyers similar to how we market our listings.  When you have to compete for the Seller's attention and why that Seller should choose your offer over 12 or more offers you need to have a good story.  It's not only about writing a letter to the Seller telling why you want the property but it's also about telling the Seller and the community why you should be living there and what you have to offer.  This is your time to tell your "WHY" for buying your next home!  

Here is a little marketing piece Zach and I put together.  Please share and if you know anyone looking to sell their Downtown Loft, please let me know

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