My Why...

I live, sleep and breath real estate and love being an entrepreneur.  I have been in the real estate industry since 1998 and my father has been in it since 1983.  You could say it runs in the blood.  I remember as a kid we would go by our rental properties to check on them and collect rent.  I now have several rental properties of my own and I have purchased seven properties in my lifetime.  My first home purchase was when I was 23 years old, it was a new build townhome in Northglenn, 3000 E 112th Ave #76.  What a great first place.      

I also love business and being an entrepreneur.  I love marketing, negotiating, sales but most of all I love working with people.  Again, this runs in my blood as my father was an entrepreneur too.  He owned several business in my lifetime and I helped him run those businesses as a kid and also as an adult.  My most fond memory is the bowling business.  My father owned a bowling business, Paramount Lanes and I helped him run that business.  I spend many of my summers there helping in the nursery, in the snack bar making food and behind the front counter giving out shoes and taking them back and spraying them with the antibacterial spray...Yuck!  I also helped behind the lanes getting stuck pins and bowling balls.  I know a lot about bowling and definitely know how to bowl and have a great form.  "Through the hair"  I always say!  

Through these entrepreneurial experiences it has helped me grow and learn about business and people.  It has taught me to listen, be compassionate and never stop learning.  It has also taught me to be strong and be confident.   As my dad would always say..."Shake their hand like you mean it".  That always sticks in my head and I have received so many complements because of it.   

My why for what I do is simply this.  I believe that homeownership and real estate investing is important and can help secure your financial future,  I also believe that being an entrepreneur helps to secure your future as well as you are building your personal and your families wealth. I am working to build my assets, my assets then make money, that money then buys more assets. That money is now working for me and I am not working for the money.  

The way I am able to to do this is by building great relationships and offering my services and extensive knowledge of homeownership and how to buy and sell a home.  This is why I am a REALTOR®.    

Can I be your Realtor®?