Best Parks & Open Spaces to take your Furry Companion

City living in Denver really has some amazing perks wouldn’t you agree? Being able to walk everywhere, wonderful coffee shops in every neighborhood, parks that are easy to bike to, and the ability to be in the busyness of a city while not feeling too smothered. There is one issue though for many homeowners when they are looking to move in and around the city, does the area in which they are looking have a good place for their dog-friend?

Denver is renowned for their love of dogs as a whole city, we love those fur balls who keep active and are constant companions we can always count on. It is difficult sometimes to find spaces in and around the city for our special friends to be able to really enjoy themselves. Luckily, there are many dog parks and open space areas that cater to this very need. While I would recommend looking for a house with a yard, the great thing about Denver is there are areas for all dogs an easy hop, skip, or short car ride away.  Below I have compiled a list of the top-5 dog parks/open space in and around the city for you to take your hairy friend for a bit of a run and a play with other pups.

1.    Elk Meadow Open SpaceThe park is LARGE with two fenced-in areas and numerous amounts of open space for your dog to run and play. This space is not just for Lucky though, it has beautiful trails to take the family hiking on as well with trees, numerous trails and freshwater streams. There is no entrance fee the only thing is from downtown it is about a 35 minute drive but trust me, it’s worth the drive for you and your loved dog.

2.    Stapleton Dog Park This park is a little different from the average dog park and it more like taking Fido for a day at the beach. Compiled of mostly sand with plenty of water fountains to keep all the pups cool and hydrated, this place is also free. Very easy to get to from anywhere in Denver, it is a popular spot so take care if your dog is shy or timid or aggressive because he/she will have many playmates.

3.    Cherry Creek State Park Spanning over 125 acres, this big park has lots of rivers and open water, fields and even a sandy beach making for a great time for owner and pup. Because it is located within a state park, the dog park is kept very nice with bathrooms, paved roads, trashcans and of course doggy bag stations. It has been called “Doggy Disneyworld” by park-goers and there is a small price to pay, either $2 per/day or $20/annually.

4.    Glendale Farms Dog Park IF your dog likes a little fun in their life this might be the park to take them to because there is an agility course for them to conquer. There are also on-leash trails around the park so after playtime, you and your dog can take a nice stroll. It is free but has grown in popularity and lost a bit of vegetation so can be muddy at times if it has been raining or snowing a lot.

5.    Chatfield State Park Dog Park Chatfield is one of the bigger parks as well with over 69 acres of varied terrain. Another dog park well-kept due to being park of the state park. Like Cherry Creek, there is a fee of $8 to get into the park and then $2 for the off-leash dog park. It is also a little bit of a drive but totally worth it.

 Whether you have a house with a yard or not, changing it up and taking your dog to a fun park for them to really stretch their legs and play is important, you want your furry friend to be happy! If you are looking to find a house with a yard or looking for a more urban pad close dog friendly areas, make sure to give me a call this summer so I can help you, and Lassie, find the home of your dreams.