Giving Thanks and Giving Back


Hard to believe the holidays are upon us already. Seems like I was just making my New Years resolutions just yesterday and it is almost time to make them again! I really love the next few months, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year, this is a time of the year when I really am thankful for my family and friends and my businesses.


Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because it is a time to gather with family and a time to give back. If you take apart the word Thanksgiving you are left with the words ‘thanks’ and ‘giving’. We give thanks for our families and our friends, for the food we eat that day and for the gathering of people we hold dear. People fly all over the country to get home to be with their loved ones that alone is something to give thanks for. The second word is ‘giving’ because while this is a holiday to be appreciative for everything we have, it is also a holiday to give back to those in need. One thing my family and I enjoy doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and help serving meals. I think it is important to give back anyway we can, whether by donating time or food or clothes or money, our city will only get better if each of us does our part to help it do so.


For this Thanksgiving, I would encourage you to get out and do something to help your city. After a day with your family, eating good food and enjoying one another’s company, head out and give your time to those who may not have a family. Here are some ideas of things you can do this holiday season:


Volunteer at a soup kitchen: If you head onto Google and type in ‘Denver soup kitchens’ you will get a huge list of places you can go help cook and serve hot meals to those in need.


Put together a potluck: Sometimes it is hard to find the time during the holidays and on the actual holiday to go serve at a soup kitchen. Here’s an idea to have you and your friends pick a day in the next month or so where you each cook a dish and have a potluck. You can either find a spot to serve or drop all the food off at a shelter.


Give clothing: It’s not just food that is needed this time of year, especially in the Denver-Metro area. When the temperatures start to drop, more and more people are in need of warm clothes. Gather up old coats and boots and sweaters and find a local shelter or church that would distribute these goods.


Help out at an animal shelter: People aren’t the only ones needing time and love over the holiday season. If you are a fan of the furry ones, look into volunteering at a local animal shelter. Some cats and dogs would love some extra playtime and snuggles.


This is a time of the year to really count your blessings and to help give back where help is needed. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!