Never Forget Columbine

Yesterday was the 17 year anniversary of the shooting at Columbine.  Please do not forget this day and always remember what happened on this day even though it is something we would like to forget.  

I remember this day well as I was working at an apartment community right around the corner from Columbine HS and all of a sudden there were police cars and ambulances driving by where I was working.  The staff and I kept hearing them drive by what it seemed like for an hour or more and then we finally turned on the news and discovered what happened.

I was getting ready to meet my fiance at the time JayModglin to go out to lunch and when we turned the corner the school was blocked off and there were police cars and ambulances everywhere. 

That entire day all I heard were police cars and ambulances driving by. I will never forget this day and I ask that you don't forget it either.

I recently went a toured several high schools with a family who is relocating to Colorado this summer and every time I entered a high school we made sure to research their security as this memory of columbine will never be forgotten.

Life if precious so please don't take it for granted and make sure to hug and kiss your family every day and don't let the little things make you mad.