The Importance of a Good Team


We all remember hearing that phrase come out of our coaches’ mouth when we were little and were learning about teamwork, “There is no “I” in team”. And as we grow up we realize that little phrase carries on into the rest of your adult life in almost everything you do.


When I first started off working as a real estate agent, I tried to do a lot of things myself or with the help of my husband Jay. When you get started in any business funds can always be a little tight and so you go into it that you are saving money by doing all the work yourself. But then you start to see just how much work all that work really is! As I have grown as a business-woman, between my real estate career and my entrepreneurial career, I have really gained the knowledge that having a good team of people to surround yourself with who can help with all the work is the greatest benefit any business person can have. Below are a few suggestions I have for people ready to expand their business and know it is time to find people to be part of their dream team:


1. Get someone on the team who can handle all of your marketing and social media. I recommend hiring a social media manager who can help you build your followers, work together to come up with authentic genuine content and just manage your social media accounts so that you can get all your content across all platforms. I feel like the next wave in business is that you must have social media as that is how you get found and can express yourself and what you do in business


2. Blogging: Make sure to blog weekly and if you don’t have the time, hire a freelance writer to blog for you! Again this is how you get found and how you can tell people what you do.  This becomes your business journal about what you are doing.  This can also help you find people who want to help you grow in your business 


3. Join a team who supports you and all you are doing.  I would like to touch on my experience so far with Kentwood City Properties and how it is going. I joined April 1st and have been there a little over a month. They are like my second family and I have already met so many great people who are so successful in this business and who want to help grow as well and teach you their secrets.  They speak from experience, have made mistakes and know how to overcome them and know what works and what does not work. I recently chatted with a top producing Kentwood City Agent and realized the next step for me is to hire a real estate assistant. This will help give me the time I need to really focus on my clients, grow as a business and I look forward to the chance to help mentor someone in the industry I love.