Working with the Right Realtor for You in this Market

There’s no denying that many home buyers in Denver are all discovering there appears to be fewer and fewer houses on the market these days. While the demand is quite high in this seller’s market, the inventory continues to drop. In May, which is just the start of the big summer selling season, the inventory for homes for sale in metro Denver fell by 3.4% to 5,463. While this happened, the prices for the average home including condominiums and single-family detached homes, reached a new peak of over $400K, an increase of almost 9% over the last year.


While builders are pulling more permits to try and keep up with the demand, many of the homes they are building are in the higher price ranges leaving the market for lower price ranges even harder to get into. Many people are trying to get into the market and make first-time homebuyers are finding it harder to find a home within their price range. And with such a competitive market, it can be discouraging to keep making offers on homes when buyers know there is a chance for there to be 20 other offers on the table.


As a Realtor, I hear these stories all the time from my buyers. They are scared to get into the market, they think it is impossible to get a house they like in an area they want, they are afraid they will have to give up a lot to please the seller or that they have tried to find a home before and it ended up being so disheartening they stopped for a while waiting for the market to “slow down”. I hear all of these frustrations when I meet with buyers and from our first meeting I let it be known that one of the reasons they are sitting in front of me is because they are serious about buying and they have come to me to be their front-of-the-lines person.


As a certified Realtor, I continue to educate myself on the market, the trends, best methods and laws so that I can be the best for my clients. It is imperative when looking for someone to represent you, you find someone with certified training who has your best interests at heart. Personally I make a guarantee that I will be there every step of the way during the process and I am available all the time for when my clients have questions or concerns. Buying a home is the biggest decision of many people’s lives and they need someone they can trust more than anything. I am trustworthy and confident in my ability to perform as a Realtor and as a negotiator when things get tough. I have my MCNE designation for negotiating which sets me apart from many other realtors.


I understand how daunting buying a home can be and I would love to help you see the process does not have to be that way. Give me a call or email today and let’s grab coffee and discuss what you want in a Realtor, what I can do for you and how we can go about finding you the home of your dreams.