The Importance of Having a Good Presence on Your Social Media Pages


I have always told people, if you can’t market yourself well, how can you market someone’s home to sell? In the working world today there is no getting around the very evident fact that every company, whether corporate or independent, realizes the importance of a strong presence on social media outlets. Our world today thrives in an online world where people go to learn about products, review different items and find out more information on just about anything their heart desires.


As a real estate agent, I know how imperative it is for me to have a large presence on my different social media pages because that one way I can acquire more clients and also a way I can keep updated on my past and current clients. Every week I post blogs, write little snippets about current projects or post pictures of my family and the fun adventures we like to go on together. I try not to overwhelm my real estate pages with lots of real estate information because I know my clients will not want to read through all of that. My goal is to post certain articles and advice that I know is easy to read through and might offer some help to my real estate clients out there.


One thing I think is imperative when it comes to figuring out your social media pages is to also set aside a certain amount of time everyday to do so because if you don’t, you will find yourself spending more time that you had hoped poking around on social media when you could be working. It is something all of us are guilty in doing, we start to write a post on our work page and the next thing we know we are three profiles deep on our personal page looking at our high school friend’s little cousin’s page reading about the rescue of their poor dog Sandy. Next thing you know, an hour has passed and your two posts were long done with 45 minutes ago! As an agent, it is so important to time out your day so you really do spend the right amount of time working on your affirmations and leads and clients and not spending time getting lost on the internet.


Finding the best posts for you and your clients that will bring the greatest viewing is something you have to figure out as you continue to grow as an agent. One thing I did was read Joe Pulizzi’s book Content Marketing Institute which talked a lot about the best way to use your social media pages to further grow your business. Another great article I read was which played on some key points such as the importance of video content on your page, ability for your social media to be mobile is imperative, that you don’t need to do everything on your page and that content is still king so you better make sure you are good at it or hire someone who is good at it to help you grow your business.


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