Fun & Football – What To Do on Game Day


I like to jokingly say that I know when football season arrives because the men of Denver disappear on Sunday’s to watch their football games from the morning hours into the evening. Not all men are like this, but the amount of friends I have heard say this always has me laughing. I know I can go get a lot done on Sundays because the stores always seem to be a little less crowded!


Now don’t get me wrong, as a woman I enjoy a good football game too! I have female friends who are in fantasy football leagues, who participate in weekly football activities, are diehard tailgating fans or even have a regular bar you can find them in every Sunday. And sometimes even our young daughter gets into the game spirit with her dad and I. When we get the whole family involved in game day we make sure to have lots of fun things to do before the game whether we are at home or at the stadium. I know other people are always looking for fun ideas when it comes to pre-game activities so I decided to put together a list of fun things you can do with everyone on game day:


At Home Fun –

·      If there is one thing that is a must when it comes to watching football at home, you must have a good selection of food and drinks! I like to look up good dip recipes or fun football themed food recipes to make for game day. Another fun thing is to stock the fridge with different local brews from around Colorado and for those who are looking for a non-alcoholic drink, sometimes have fun bottled root beer or Italian soda makes for a fun time.

·      Make football games/activities everyone will enjoy during commercials and halftime. Pin the football in the field goal, a football throwing competition with hanging hula-hoops, a cupcake decoration station stocked with everything Broncos or a sing-making-station to cheer on the boys in orange and blue.


At the Stadium –

·      Tailgating is always a must if you head to a Broncos game! The stadium encourages patrons of both teams to enjoy this pre-game festivity full of lots of laughter and activities and good food. If you are planning to bring a vehicle and want a prime spot to set up shop, make sure to get there early because it is first come first serve and the lines are always long on game day. Kids will enjoy face-painting, outdoor inflatables and sign making along with visits from the Broncos mascot!

·      If you are a big football fan, make sure to try and get in for the stadium tour of Sports Authority which will take you behind the scenes and into many parts of the stadium only few and far between get to see.

·      Pick out a fun outfit for game day! If you didn’t know, there are quite the characters at Broncos games and you want to be part of that group routing your team on adorned in blue and orange.


It is a big year for the Broncos so make sure to support them on game day whether that be from the comfort of your couch or from the seats in the stadium!

@BrigetteModglin & @JayModglin at Broncos Training Center in Dove Valley

@BrigetteModglin & @JayModglin at Broncos Training Center in Dove Valley