Celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman (and wonder women today!)


Wonder Woman turned 75-years-old. While she may only be a made-up personality who covered comic book covers and movie posters, Wonder Woman has been a staple representative of a character girls and women have looked up to for now 75-years. I remember reading Wonder Woman comic books when I was a little girl and being starry-eyed at the way this powerful woman took on the world. She is someone I continue to admire and look up to because she brought about an empowerment to women everywhere.


The great thing about Wonder Woman is that she continues to be to this day a woman hero to many girls and women out there. She has been reborn on the movie screen and on the television screen, growing through the years with society as society continues to grow in relation to women’s rights, power and advocacy.


A few things always stuck out to me in her stories:


Wonder Woman is the hero, not the victim – Many lead female characters tend to be victims when it comes to storylines, but not Wonder Woman. She was out there everyday helping people, giving her time and effort to make sure the world was a better place.


She was always portrayed as strong and not weak – Wonder Woman did not need someone to come behind her and do the saving; she was the one out there saving others. She was a powerful character, strong in her appearance but even stronger in her presence.


She could fall in love with a man but didn’t need to depend on a man – While she was strong and independent, Wonder Woman was also human. There were love storylines in her many years with men she loved very much. While she had romantic relationships with these men, she did not depend on these men. She has mature and loving relationships with that respected one another’s skills and talents, both she and her love interests finding themselves on an equal playing field in life.


Wonder Woman is someone who stood on her own two feet from the moment she was written into the world. She was a empowering superhero who used her powers to help others while all along helping to save the world. She reminds me all the time just how powerful women can be, as individuals and as a group. As women we need to think like Wonder Woman and be strong and powerful each and every day!  


Photo By Brigette Modglin

Photo By Brigette Modglin