Take a Trip to the Denver Zoo

Denver has so many wonderful places to go in the city, from our countless museums to our top-notch parks and our one-of-a-kind restaurants. This city is a bustling spot full of life and ever growing activities. One of my favorite places to go visit is the Denver zoo which is having a free admission day this Friday and Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm. This zoo has been around caters to a wide variety of animals and exhibitions.


The Denver Zoo was started when the mayor of Denver received a gift in the form of a black bear cub in 1918. This furry companion came to live at City Park and this is where the zoo began. Early visitors saw the zoo grow from fist carrying elk, bison, monkeys and birds to housing elephants, large cats, reptiles and sea creatures. The zoo benefited from Carl Hagenbeck’s revolutionary zoo concept that animals and people should see one another at eye level in the animal’s natural habitat without bars or fences. From the 1920’s up until today, the Denver zoo continues to grow thanks to the countless support of Denver citizens


The zoo continues to make a effort to have every animal’s area embody their natural habitat and living space. The Denver zoo is also committed to educating everyone to comes for a visit and in partnership with the Gates Family Foundation and the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the zoo was able to build the Gates Wildlife Conservation Education Center. This center is run is run by a dedicated staff and group of volunteers who are passionate about the zoo’s mission and work hard to make the zoo an educational place for people to go and learn more about animals, the environments they live in and how to help preserve each beautiful creature.


This weekend marks the second and third free day of the year for 2017. There are only 9 free days all year so make sure if you have time this weekend to pack up the family and head to the Denver zoo to check out all the amazing animals. While on your way to the zoo, located in the heart of City Park West, make sure to take in all the beautiful homes and architecture of the neighborhood. This area continues to grow and blossom and if you think about your trip to the zoo that maybe that neighborhood that you could see yourself living in, give me a call and let’s sit down to discuss your real estate hopes and dreams and how I can help you achieve them.