What A Year 2016

First off I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! It seems like I was just making plans for 2016 and now here I am gearing up for a wonderful 2017. This year was one for the books for me, with some big changes and come unique opportunities that came my way, I would definitely say that I had a growing year full of lots of highs and very few lows, always good in my book.


And it wasn’t just a growing year for me; it was a growing year for Colorado. The state continued to blossom with real estate developments consistently being built and job opportunities making our city a even more desirable place for millennials to move to. Throughout the year, Denver was ranked as the number one city in the United States as a place people were moving to live due to the jobs, the price of living and the incredible outdoor lifestyle. With all these new transplants came a surge of people looking for homes and that is where I really got to step in. The housing prices in Denver have always been consistent but prices for homes have slowly risen due to the high demand and the low inventory. This year, I worked with many first-time homebuyers and out-of-state homebuyers to get them the house of their dreams. While we had to be patient and flexible more times than not, this year I was still able to find good homes for my clients, and that always is something I strive for each and every year.


While people were just moving to Denver on their own, there also was an influx of newcomers due to companies relocating. BP Oil moved their headquarters to Denver that brought a great number of new employees and their families. Viega Pipe also moved their headquarters here this year from Kansas that again brought more workers and their families.  Lucky for me I had the pleasure helping one of their families move here. This is something we are going to continue to see as Denver continues to grow as a city and as a possible international hub thanks to a new development looking to take over the River North Arts District.


I would have to say the biggest change for me this year when it comes to my real estate would be my decision to join Kentwood City Properties a Birkshire Hathaway Affiliate. After much consideration and lots of chats with my husband, we both decided this would be a positive move for me in growing my career and taking my real estate to the next level. And boy has that been the case! This year I have grown in so many ways and I know a lot of it has to do with the opportunities I have been given due to joining such a dedicated team like Kentwood.


This year has been one for the books and I am so excited for what 2017 has in store for me and for my clients! If this is the year you are thinking it is time to buy or sell, please shoot me an email or give me a call and let’s discuss your best options. Happy New Year!