Creative DIY Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween is just around the corner and if you don’t have your costume yet, listen up! It’s always hard to figure out good and creative costumes these days and if you are like me and my family, you live a pretty busy life and Halloween just seems to sneak up on you before you are fully prepared. As a kid, it is much easier to come up with quick and cute costumes. But the older you get, the harder it can be especially when you want your costume to be either work or grown-up appropriate. My daughter and I have dressed up in mother/daughter costumes before but this year she decided to dress up as Wonder Woman (which I might follow suite in to be honest). For those of you that have to go to a work Halloween party where dressing up is encouraged, I have come up with some creative costumes that won’t take much time or much money to put together.


·      The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – This is easy for the ladies out there. All you need is a white dress and a red blazer. Add a blue bow tie and some white ears, possibly a clock bag and you are good to go!

·      Ladies if you have a green dress, you can attach some pieces of yarn to if and some flowers to make yourself into a cactus! Add a headband with some flowers on it and you are a prickly pear.

·      One of my favorites is the gumball machine that requires hundreds of pom poms. Find a little red dress and add a gray swatch of felt for the quarter slot. Glue the pom poms to the top half of the dress and you almost good enough to eat!

·      Medusa had a way of turning people to stone but that’s not what you’ll be doing while rocking fake snacks in your hair! Pull your hair into braids and pin them onto your head, insert fake snakes among your hair and countour those cheekbones for a fierce looking Medusa.

·      Get a clear large garbage bag, blow up some small colored balloons and what do you have? A bag full of jellybeans of course! If you can print off the Jelly Belly logo and stick it in the bag, you really are in business.

·      A great idea for a couple is silent film characters. You and your significant other can dress up in a black suite and a black dress, paint your faces white with painted on black features highlighting your lips and eyes, and carry around printed off script lines to let people know what you would be saying.

·      If you have someone in the family who can paint your face (or you have some mad make-up skills yourself!) the Dia de los Muertos skeleton faces are always a big hit.

·      The whole family could go as a squad of Emojis this year! Dress up in all black and make a cardboard cut out of your favorite smiley face emoji.

·      Bubble bath anyone? Find yourself a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit preferably in white. Get some white, light pink and clear balloons and a rubber ducky. Blow up and attach the balloons to yourself and place the duck floating on one of the balloons and you have a walking bubble bath.

·      Your family just needs some cardboard, paint and pillows to go as a whole s’more kit! The parents can be the graham crackers; the kids can be the chocolate with the littlest being the marshmallow wrapped up in pillows.


There are so many great costumes out there for yourself as an individual and for your family to dress up as a group costume. Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!