How to get your home ready to put on the market

The great thing for any sellers out there hoping to put their home on the market in Colorado is that we are still in a strong sellers market. There is such a high demand for homes and with thousands of people still moving to Denver monthly, that is not going to slow down anytime soon. But even in a sellers market, it is important for sellers to take the necessary steps for their house to be market ready if they want to get the best offer. Many sellers think because the market is so hot they don’t have to make their home presentable or do any work to it. While you may not have to pull out all the stops, you will probably have to invest some time and money to get your house looking it’s best for potential buyers. Below I have a few thoughts on the best ways to make your home market ready:


·      Never setting a price right off the bat.  I will give the seller a range for the price but will always put it on tour in my office and have multiple agents look at it first and give me their opinion of price.  It’s like getting over 10 BPO’s. 


·      Have a branded “getting ready for sale” list and walk through the house with them to let them know what needs to be done.


·      Have a professional photographer take the photos.  Don’t use your iPhone or try to do it yourself unless your a professional photographer.   Remember your trying to sell the home and first impressions are the most important.  Additionally, you’re selling yourself for future business so when someone wants to sell their home they will remember your marketing.  I see so many listings where the photos are dark, blurry or the pictures are even sideways.  Please hire a professional!  If you are just starting out as a Realtor and can’t afford one then see if you can find a photography student or intern who would be willing to do it for free so they have photos for their portfolio.  There are all kinds of ways to collaborate or partner up with other industry partners


·      Have a professional 3D tour done.  I use Matterport.  Just a great sales tool to use so buyers can walk through the home and know the floor plan.


·      Have professional brochures made.  Remember you’re trying to sell the house, and making great impressions are key.  Again, you are selling yourself and these little guys stick around. 


·      Start to disassociate yourself from your home because it can be hard for many sellers to learn to let go. You’ve lived in your home for years and you have wonderful memories there but now it is time for someone else to come in and make it their home.


·      I always tell my sellers to depersonalize their home; take down any family photos and any decorations that could be distracting to buyers. You want buyers to be able to picture themselves in that home and it can be hard if the home is still covered in all of your personal reminders.


·      I also tell my sellers to de-clutter and start to really sort through all of their stuff, people never realize just how much they have until they start to move. I say get a jump-start on this and make piles of what you are keeping, what you can donate and also what you can throw away.


·      For both the outside of the house and the inside of the house, make sure everything is clean and appealing to potential buyers. Curbside appearance in a big thing, you want buyers to get a great first impression when they pull up to your home and when they walk inside, you want them to be to feel at ease and not put off immediately because the place is unclean or has an unusual smell or anything of that nature.


There is a lot that can go to getting your home ready to put on that market but that is why you hire an experienced real estate agent like myself to help guide you through the process. If you are thinking it is time to sell, please contact me today and let’s work together to get your home in the best shape it can be so you can get the best offer!