The people of Colorado want to know, is it Coloradoan or Coloradan?

When people talk about the people of Denver, they may refer to us as ‘Denverites’. This nickname has been around for a long time and people who live in Denver use it to describe themselves in many different ways. But it seems there is a little controversy when it comes to how to describe people who are live in Colorado. When it comes to the residents of Colorado, are they a Coloradoan or a Coloradan?


A while back, the Denver Post wrote an article about this very topic, dissecting the rules on languages and names. Apparently, when a place ends in an “o” like Colorado, you would add “an” to the end of it for the proper description. The only exception to this rule is if the place name is of Spanish origin, then you would remove the “o” before adding “an”. To give you an example of how this rule works look at Chicago and Idaho. These two names derived from Native American languages therefore their residents are referred to as Chicagoans and Idahoans. Now if we look at San Francisco, which derives from Spanish origin, the people who live there would be called San Franciscans.


Now let’s look at Colorado, which is a Spanish word for the color red, we would then according to this rule be Coloradans, not Coloradoans. Yet, a few years ago, some newspapers were calling themselves the “__________ Coloradoan” or changing their names from Coloradan to Coloradoan. This can make it a bit confusing for residents who are trying to figure out the proper term!


But based off of this rule, it seems the new build being built at Union Station, the Coloradan, is following the rules as being a residential tower that grammatically fits here in Denver. This is the beautiful new high rise tower I discussed last week with you all, towering 19-stories high with around 334-units, it is one of the most anticipated buildings coming to the Denver Metro area. The great thing about this place is the prices that range from the high $200,000 and extend upwards of $1.3m. With the constant need for places for new homebuyers these days, and the low inventory which can make it tough to find the right condo or house, here is an opportunity for new homebuyers as well as experienced homebuyers to have a great Coloradan home to call their own. If you want more information about this amazing build, shoot me an email or give me a call today and let’s chat about how you can be a Coloradan living in the Coloradan!

Photo by: @Walnut Street Photography

Photo by: @Walnut Street Photography