A Few Things I learned from "Beauty and the Beast"

The other night, I got to go on a mommy/daughter date to the movies with my beautiful daughter Reagan. We decided to go see the much-anticipated Beauty and the Beast, a classic tale that has been redone by Disney from the animated film to an all-star cast. This story, for those of you who have not gotten to experience recently, is about a young maiden named Belle who, through a series of events, finds herself in an enchanted castle forming a relationship with the head of the castle, the Beast. Throughout the story, we come to know the story of Belle and her hardships as well as the story of the Beast and how he came to be the gentle giant. I won’t give the ending out, I really recommend you go see the movie with your family or husbands and wife, go have a fun date night.


But from this story I took a few things away from it that had to do with different parts in my life from real estate to being a strong, independent woman.


The castle in this story is one of mystery, full of animated teapots and talking candlesticks, the castle has from any outsider view would be a rundown, crumbling home that was not worth a second glance. But as the story progresses, we realize that in its heyday, the castle was quite a sight and by the end of the story, the castle regains its full glory. I feel like in today’s real estate market, this is a common theme among my clients when they are looking for the perfect home. I always tell people, if we can find a house that has good bones, then my clients have to have the vision to see the final outcome. When walking into some homes, it is hard to see past the shag carpet, 1970’s décor and outdated kitchens and bathrooms. But that is why I try to also come to showings with an open mind and with some ideas to help see the house for its full potential. Good bones are the backbone of every good house and if it comes to having good bones versus having a home that is cosmetically pleasing, I encourage my clients to not judge a book by its cover.


Then there is Belle, a strong, independent young woman who is well read and quite different than everyone in her small village. I sometimes like to think I am like Belle, a strong woman with has her own book knowledge in the real estate industry. I continue to educate myself in this industry because I want to be able to give my clients all the information they need when buying/selling their home. I may not do things the way everyone else is doing them and I am ok with that. I know it is important to do things by my own terms sometimes, not always following the crowd and learning from my mistakes and my victories. I encourage all women out there to not be afraid to not follow the straight and narrow path all the time, to believe in yourself and take risks every now and then.  

Photo by  Walnut Street Photography

Photo by  Walnut Street Photography