Why A Realtor is Imperative to Your Home-Buying Experiences

In many work industries these days, people are concerned that their jobs might be taken over by a machine who is trained to work better, and more efficient, then a human being. While this might be the case for certain jobs, more than not, many business owners and jobs will keep humans doing the work because there is something that humans carry that technology cannot and that is emotions and empathy. No matter who you come in contact with on a daily basis, the barista where you get your morning coffee, the office manager greeting you every day, or the restaurant where you joke with your waiter, all of these workers bring something to your encounter that is essential to your experience.


Shelly Palmer recently wrote an article titled “The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take Last” which he discusses the five professions that will be exceptionally hard for artificial intelligence or a machine to do better than a human.


·      Pre-school and elementary teacher

·      Professional athlete

·      Politician

·      Judge

·      Mental health profession


Palmer said these five jobs each require a unique combination of human intuition, reasoning, empathy and emotion. While I agree with his choices, I also agree with realtors Laura Ellis’ opinion on the article that he forgot one essential profession and that is a real estate agent.


Let’s start with human intuition. You can use technology to find a home or even sell your home but it takes a good realtor to find a match of the heart and mind because a lot of home decisions are made off of people’s feelings and emotions. As humans, we realize that each and every buyer and seller is different, and so they will need to be handled differently. So it is up to us as real estate agents to help each client feel comfortable making such a large decision. When it comes to reasoning, it is easy for clients now a days to get all the information they need on the computer but it is up to us as their agent to help reason why they should buy a place or why they shouldn’t. We help clients discover the ins and outs of their offer and how we can get them to the closing table in the best way possible. Empathy, you have to have it in order to be a good real estate agent. This Denver market is hard to be in, and clients get discouraged easily, so it is up to us to keep them positive throughout their search. Along with that is the emotional side. Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases clients will make in their lifetime and as a real estate agent it is imperative that we can read their emotions and help them through the highs and the lows.

As your real estate agent, I pride myself in working with you person-to-person and helping with your house search. This is such an important decision, and with my help, we can work to find you the home of your dreams.