The only question is, one scoop or two?

Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth right? Some people can’t go a day without a piece of chocolate, others would give an arm for a great baked good and for me personally, I love the summer season because that means I can keep cool with some delicious ice cream. Denver is actually a great city for ice cream with so many great shops to choose from offering a variety of flavors of ice cream and different types as well. Below I have compiled a list of some of the cream of the crop when it comes to ice cream, if you feel the need to check every one of them out this summer, no judgment from this end, I totally would understand!


Chaos and Cream – 2500 E 1st Ave – This fun named spot (ice cream cart) is run by a two men team who serve Thai-inspired ice cream. They take fresh ingredients, cream, create and freeze before rolling it out in front of your eyes to make a beautiful ice cream dream.


Frozen Matter – 530 E 19th Ave – Frozen matter is a family-run operation and they are known for creating a vast array of ice cream varieties with touches of seasonal accents.


High Point Creamery – 215 S. Holly St. – These guys have a spot in Denver Central Market, Hilltop and a hot pink truck that cruises around town delivering sweet treats. They offer 18 flavors regularly mixing traditional flavors with unique ones so you will always find something fun to try.


Liks Ice Cream – 2039 E. 13th Ave – Liks is four decades old, that’s right, four, so you know they have to be doing a lot right to stick around that long. Located in Capitol Hill, this neighborhood spot always has a line out the door for their classic and adventurous flavors.


Little Man Ice Cream – 2620 16th St. – Driving through LoHi, you would have a hard time missing the giant display that is Little Man. It doesn’t seem to matter the weather, this beloved ice cream shop always has a line. Lucky for us, they are now opening locations in Congress Park, Sloans Lake and Stapleton.


Nuggs – 5125 E. Colfax Ave – If you want to enjoy your cold dessert on a sweet patio, Nuggs is a great place to go. Their stuff is housemade, from the ice cream to shakes and malts and sundaes.


Snowlab – 4360 E Evans Ave – If the name didn’t give it away, this isn’t your typical ice cream shop. This new spot has Taiwanese-style shaved ice that is vegan and full of tasty flavors.


Sweet Action Ice Cream – 52 Broadway – This place is Colorado proud using natural Colorado ingredients to make their ice cream. Don’t worry about the same old flavors, they are updated daily.


Keep yourself and the family happy this summer, stop at one or all of these amazing shops for a sweet treat and a lot of thankful smiles.