How small changes can lead to big results

Have you ever noticed how “noisy” our days are? From the moment I wake up, my phone is already alerting me of emails and text messages I need to read, phone calls I need to return and appointments I need to get to that day. During the day, my phone and computer are both alerting me to social media posts and updates on listings and errands I need to finish before the day is over.


These days, we live in a society that is used to the everyday buzz and noise that surrounds us. Between our cell phones and our computers, we are never out of reach of anyone who wants to get in contact with us or getting a ding with the latest status update. It wasn’t that long ago that cell phones did not have the reach and pull they have today, we weren’t instantly reachable and we didn’t have easy distractions at our fingertips daily.


All of these distractions can be a nuisance throughout the work day and I know many people struggle with how to handle them all while staying focused at work and being productive. Recently, I have been working hard on being more present each and every day with my family, my clients and my friends. What I have come to find it the world will continue to be noisy with social media, notifications and emails but it is up to me to learn how to control that noise and also eliminate some of that noise.


One thing I have taken to doing is turning off all the notifications of my social media because I realized that when I saw them pop up on my phone or noticed my side bar dropping down to tell me the latest, it would immediately jolt me from whatever I was doing. There are studies about this behavior and the constant conclusion is our brains have a hard time refocusing once we’ve been pulled away by say social media. It can take our brain a while to get back on track so I work hard to keep those updates and notifications to a minimum.


In my industry, it can be hard with the amount of emails and text messages I get from clients and co-workers. As a real estate agent, it is imperative that I am able to answer any questions right away or be on call for my clients if they need to see a house or anything of that nature. But I also know, when I am with a client in person, I need to be fully there and so I either put my phone on silent or leave it at my desk. Every client deserves my full attention and having any small distraction around can pull away from that, and that’s not how any client should be treated.


I am currently reading a book called The Compound Effect, which has helped my career grow ten fold. It talks about how many small changes can lead to big results, even if you just change something by 1% and do it day by day in the end you will see much greater outcomes. For me, my listing marketing has improved, my follow up with clients has improved and all my relationships have improved. I'm working on cutting out a lot of the noise and focus on what is important, the relationships I want to make stronger, who I want to work with and making faith and family come first. I encourage you to also work on shutting out some of the noise in your life, starting with small things and taking it one day at a time. I promise it may not feel like much but eventually you will start seeing big changes, and good changes, in your career and in your life.