Updates on the Coloradan

If you have walked around down by Union Station in the past week or so, you may have notice a new building peeking around from under the canopy on the train platform. It’s the Coloradan! That’s right, progress on this beautiful condominium community keeps moving at a steady pace and we are still on track to be built and in have residents by next year. This 19-story, 334-unit building has gone vertical above the street level and not is a few floors off the ground (this will be for commercial and retail purposes as well as parking).


Walking along 17th Street, you can see the concrete structure is not four-stories up and will eventually rise the full height along Wewatta. Along the 18th Street side, the building will feature a setback from the actual street on the 4th floor then rise the full height.


The Coloradan is going up directly outside the commuter rail canopy and will join the platform to fill in the last gap of the open development around the station. And don’t get me started on the views of this place! Whether you are facing the city or facing the mountains, you are guaranteed to be amazed by the sights on every floor of this beautiful building.


For those of you who have shown interest in the place great news, the sales center is open and ready to help you out with any questions you may have! I also would love to help you reserve your spot on the interest list where you can get full details of the development and what you can do to reserve your spot today.


The Coloradan is truly a special building and is a great spot for any buyer. Whether you are a young city dweller looking to find a spot close to downtown or a spot that has easy walking accessibility or you a retiree looking to enjoy the great amenities while being in the heart of the city or you are an investor looking for your next purchase, the Coloradan is the right place for you. With prices that range from the  $300,000’s to the millions, this is a condominium experience for the masses.


If you have been curious about this stunning build, contact me today and let’s grab coffee at Union Station and have a stroll over to the build site and chat about how you can become a condo owner at the Coloradan.