Living in the Surban areas of Colorado

This new has brought about a lot of changes for real estate agents in Colorado. As we watch the market change daily we have to constantly be on the lookout for what is happening now and what trends will be happening 3-6 months from now. I try very hard to always be on top of my game while also preparing my clients for the future and helping them decide when is the best time to get into the market.


Something new that has been developing across the country is a term known as Surban. That’s right, mixing suburban and urban together to have this very unique term that has meaning here in Denver. Basically what it means is a suburban area that has a feeling of an urban area; blending the best of both worlds to have an area that has an urban feel with walkability to great restaurants and retail spaces from ones apartment or home. “According to a survey by The Urban Land Institute, these areas will draw at least 80 percent of the coming wave of households and will attract the most families in the next 10 years.” (


As Denver grows as a city I am helping more and more clients look for spaces a little bit more away from the city but still have a city feel to them. A lot of clients are looking for more space, a bit more bang for their buck and realize to have that without crazy prices and competition, they might have to look a little further out from the direct city district. Luckily for them (and you!) I specialize in a lot of there suburban neighborhoods and have good insight into where to look, when to look and even how to look.


The places I specialize in are the following:


Olde Town Arvada

Westminster - Bradburn

Lafayette -








It is important to have an experienced realtor when looking at areas to purchase, someone who knows the area and can help guide you towards the right house for you! If you are thinking it might be time to head out to the burbs, get a little more room for you and yours, contact me today and let’s grab coffee to discuss how I can help you achieve those real estate dreams!