How having a solid team can help your business grow

It might be one of the most common phrases used in today’s working world, that there is no “I” in “team”. Many a successful business person will tell you that they did not reach their success by themselves, that they surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals who brought something to the table and helped that said individual grow their business to the level they desired.


If you sit down with any colleague or client that you admire and talk to them about how they got to the place they are today in their professional life, many will tell you they didn’t get there by chance and they couldn’t have done it without so-and-so. There are countless interview with some of the leading professionals in this country and when many of them are asked how they wrote their success story they always mention multiple people who helped them along the way.


As a businesswoman, I know how imperative it is to surround myself with strong individuals who bring something to the table that will help me grow my business. I know by myself, I could not accomplish all the things that I do; there is just not enough time in the day. When I look to hire people onto my team, I look for hard workers who have the same drive I do as well as someone who I too can help with their business. I understand this is a give and take situation and I hope to help members of my team achieve their business dreams as well.


There are a few people I would like to personally recognize for all the hard work they put in and for helping me take my business to the next level:


The newest member of my team, Mary-Carol Jones, my assistant.  We call her MC for short.  MC is new to the real estate business, as she has had a passion for real estate for a long time.  She comes from the mental healthcare field and is very organized, communicates well and is always ready willing to help any way she can.  Thanks MC for all you do for me every day.  


For my transaction management I use Cornerstone Transaction Management Services.  They are the best in the business and make sure that all of my transactions run smoothly.  Thank you Chong and Jessica IM for always doing an amazing job.



Ashley Schmidt a huge thank you for always making my marketing amazing.  When I need a flyer done she always does it quickly and with excellence.


Bryn Carter makes it all happen with my blog.  We brainstorm ideas every week and she delivers it well each and every week.  Thanks for always making it great (as she writes this right now J)


Kentwood City is the amazing brokerage I work for and I am grateful to be with such an amazing group.  I am happy I took the leap in 2016 to come on with this brokerage and feel that I am making strides in the right direction every day to be a better Realtor because of Kentwood. 


Noah Berg is my amazing photographer who always delivers amazing photos of my listings, my family and our long boards.  Not only is Noah and amazing photographer but he is just a great person and I always enjoy working with him.


Wade Holland is who makes all things great for my videos. Wade and I meet up often to brainstorm new ideas for marketing and business. 


Jason Iiams is my social media wizard.  He makes all things happen for my social media pages.  I have nine different accounts that I manage for my business between personal pages, real estate business pages for Jay and I, blogs, and longboards and Jason is the man who makes it all happen smoothly.  I set up a schedule each week to make sure all the posts have great compelling content and photos, get posted, shared.  


Of course Jay Modglin, my husband, business partner, father of my amazing daughter and confidant.  I could write an entire blog about this man but I'll keep it short for this blog and just say that we are two peas in a pod, we've grown up together, run businesses together and share an amazing life together.  I love you Jay and thank you for all you do every day. 


I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the love and support of my amazing parents.  These two people are who have made me who I am today.  They are kind, giving, generous and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for them.  They help us out all the time with our daughter when we have places to be, Events to attend or showings to do.  They are always there for moral support, help us keep organized as we always have a lot going on with client events, Birthday parties and other life stuff.  Thank you Bill and Judy Hennigar for all your love and support every day.  Again, I could write an entire blog on my parents, it I’ll keep it short for this one. 


Thank you to everyone who helps me every day in my business and in my life.