Starting the new year off right

Let me start by saying happy New Year to you all! We are already a week into 2018 and I know I am feeling a bit overwhelmed already with the amount of work and new years resolutions and planning. But I also feel a sense of hope and happiness as I get to have a new 365 days to work on bettering myself, growing my business, being a present mother and wife and trying out new things. I recently sat down and had a chat with a colleague of mine and she asked me the following questions which I sat with for a few days before I answered. I think these questions are great for everyone to ponder this year:


1. What's something you learned in 2017?

2. What worked for your business this year and what do you hope to change in 2018?

3. Any goals you have for yourself this coming year?

4. Any advice you have for people as they face a new year?


And here are my answers:


1. Everyone seems to want your time and attention these days.  Make sure you focus on what and who matters most in your personal and business life.


2.     The old saying "Less is more" focusing on doing less and mastering it. 


3.  Paying off all our business "bad" debt.  Credit cards and other loans that don't benefit the business.  We paid off all our personal credit card debt in 2017 and rose our credit scores from 690 to over 800.  Our goal is to have our house paid off within 10 years.  


4.  My advice for people facing the new year is to plan your life around what you want and how you want to live.  Develop smart money habits.  Don't watch what everyone else is doing and think that is how your life should be.  I just recently finished a bible plan on YouVersion called "Love Your Life Not Thiers" by Rachel Cruze, the daughter of Dave Ramsey and I highly recommend going through this plan.  My other advice for 2018 is:  


1. Try to read the Bible everyday.  If you live your life by the bible it's just a better life that you will live.  You will find yourself more kind, compassionate and loving to one another.  The YouVersion App is a great way to do that.  


2. Be Present.  Get off your phone or any other device during dinner and be with your family and friends and talk to them.  It's ok to take photos and post on social but do it after you have finished your time with them. Think about something compelling to say about the time you spent with them.  I would also ask for permission from your friends, family, co-workers and business partners to post anything to respect their privacy.     


3. Volunteer your time to organizations you have interest in or that will benefit you personally or in your business or work.  Don't do it because everyone else is doing it.  Make sure it's meaningful to you.  


The thing is, we have to start somewhere every time the year starts again and I always say it is better to just begin then to be overwhelmed with how much you think you “need” to do this year. My best advice as you begin another year is to take it a day at a time, make realistic goals and expectations of yourself and finally, make sure to have a little fun this year.


Here’s to an amazing 2018, I look forward to working with you all this year to make your real estate dreams a reality!