Where to find the best chocolate for Valentine's Day in Denver

What do you like to do with your loved ones for Valentines Day? Is there a certain restaurant you always go to with your significant other? Do you have a daily ritual like taking the day off and spending it just the two of you? Does your lady friend expect some flowers or does your man friend appreciate some gadgets? Valentines Day is a fun day to remind those ones in your life that you love them (there are 364 other days to do this as well but this is the holiday of the year so it’s fun to show your love!). And there are so many ways to do that – and one tradition that people particularly like to indulge in would be the sweet side of the holiday, the chocolate side. This might be one of the sweetest filled holidays (that and one of the biggest floral holidays of the year) and I am a big fan of all the amazing chocolate you can get around Denver. I have compiled a list of some of the best chocolate shops below so if you still need to grab something sugary for your loved one check one of these amazing places out!


Roberta’s Chocolates – 4840 W 29th St

Nothing says quaint chocolate shop like Roberta’s that has been serving up sweets to the Denver area since 1995. The shops doesn’t just have chocolates either, they serve up truffles, fudge, lollipops and dozens of great gift ideas. Have a specific chocolate shape or design you want to send to your special someone? Roberta’s has over 10,000 molds to make custom candy or chocolate that is unique and special for your Valentine.


Chocolate Crisis Center – 3370 Walnut St

Hopefully no one has to take a trip to the doctor or the ER this Valentines Day but if you have a chocolate emergency you might want to get that checked at the Chocolate Crisis Center in LoHi. They have an online shop ready to go 24 hours a day but if you are feeling the need to go in a try some chocolate and have a consultation so you can find the perfect chocolate for you and your loved ones.


Temper Chocolate at Denver Central Market – 2669 Larimer St

Developed by chef John Robbins, this chocolate shop might be new to town but they are causing quite the stir at Denver Central Market. With chocolates that are fresh and unexpected when it comes to flavors, patrons are surprised and delighted at the tastes of every chocolate they eat.


Chocolate Lab – 2504 E. Colfax

If you want a good truffle, no, a great truffle, then go see the chocolatiers at the Chocolate Lab because they are dedicated to bringing the best of the best to Denver when it comes to all things chocolate. Every truffle in the shop and chocolate is hand-dipped and made to be the best of the best.



The Chocolate Therapist, Inc. – 2560 W Main St Littleton

Need a good therapist? What about a chocolate therapist? This shop is a great place to go when you need help figuring out just what type of chocolate to get your loved ones. Their unique chocolate are infused with organic flavoring oils, nuts, spices and natural fried fruit.


There are so many great chocolate shops in Denver and the surrounding communities that you should have no problem finding the right one for your loved one this holiday season! Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of lots of love!