Add a little flair to your house with tile

As we work out way into spring, many of my clients are coming to me and asking what they can do to upgrade their homes either to enjoy themselves or for when they decide to put their home on the market. There are so many great things one can do to keep their house looking fresh and up-to-date. I always recommend re-painting their home every 5+ years for the exterior and keeping the indoor colors tons that future buyers could enjoy. I talk to them about the exterior of their homes and how curb appeal is so important when trying to sell a house but also keeping a nice yard will have benefits for my clients as well.


When it comes to actually updating the house, everyone knows that the two most expensive rooms to remodel are the kitchen and the bathrooms. These rooms require a lot of changes when it comes time to remodel, upgrading appliances alone can cost thousands of dollars. Bathrooms, if budgeted right, can be better to upgrade because if you don’t have to buy the top of the line products, you can still find a lot of great bathroom materials that look expensive but don’t hurt the wallet.


One feature that many people invest a lot of time in when redoing these rooms are the backsplashes and the floors. There are so many different ways to do these both and one thing that can really add flair or keep a room looking crisp is the addition of tile.


Tiles have been around for quite a while but are now being used more and more as actual art pieces within bathrooms and kitchens. When it comes to backsplash for example, you have the opportunity to buy bright, colorful glass tiles that can take any white kitchen from looking plain to all of a sudden looking like a kitchen you might find in a magazine.


Terracotta tiles are a big hit in the kitchen because they have a very natural look to them and instantly bring warmth and comfort to the space.


Subway tile is classic and will continue to be around for a long time. One way to make it stand out more is to add a colored, dark grout to make the space look more unique.


Patterned tile can add so much flavor to a kitchen and can act as more of an art piece then actual tile.


Black and white tile was popular a while back but it has been making a comeback as more and more people are looking to have a classic feel within their homes.


Tile can be expensive so that is something to budget for when you are thinking to remodel. But it doesn’t have to break the bank and it can add so much to your home in the long run!