The Beloved Home Of The Brady Bunch Is Up For Sale!

The home of #TheBradyBunch is up for sale for $1.885 million in Studio City, California. It’s a  2 bedroom, 3 bathroom and is almost 2500 Square feet on a 12,500 Square foot lot and hasn’t been in the market in 50 years. The Brady Bunch ran from September 1969 to March 1974.

The Brady Bunch house is among the most photographed homes in America and attracts a steady stream of 30-50 fans each day, according to the Earnie Carswell. The property even has its own Yelp page.  

The McCallisters have both passed away. Their children are selling the home.  

Carswell anticipates upwards of 500 calls a day on this listing and thinks that if they had a Sunday open house is would just invite chaos. 

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📸 Earnie Carswell  

📸 Earnie Carswell