CRUSH Walls: Art Festival September 3-9th in Denver's RiNo District

CRUSH Walls is a week-long celebration of graffiti and street art. This annual event is free to the public and is for all ages to enjoy this curated outdoor gallery. With artists painting, activities for visitors, special promotions throughout the neighborhood, there is something for everyone at the CRUSH WALLS in RiNo's signature graffiti and street art festival.

If you have never been to Denver's River North District, or RiNo, CRUSH is a great opportunity to experience all that RiNo has to offer. Set north of the South Platte River and LoDo, the one-time warehouse district has seen unprecedented expansion in the last 6 years, as new apartment complexes, restaurants and bars have transformed its landscape. With twelve years experience in the loft market, I can tell you how much I have seen RiNo change. I remember when warehouses like the Benjamin Moore building went from abandoned to new, residential lofts and can offer my expertise when buying or selling in this neighborhood. 

I’ve had a love of RiNo before it was actually called RiNo and have seen it grow into a diverse neighborhood that has sparked creativity and collaboration so you can live, work and play. This year, myself along with four other brokers from Kentwood City Properties will be sponsoring part of this experience by supporting the CRUSH WALL Festival. Follow along through our social media channels via Instagram and Facebook @DenverChitChat. 

CRUSH Wall's Highlights:

  • Opening party – September 4 at the Juxtapoz Clubhouse, from 7PM to 10PM
  • Live mural creation – From September 3 to 9
  • BYOB – Bring Your Own Beamer event – in collaboration with Supernova Digital Animation Festival: participating artists will project their digital artworks in alleyways
  • The immersive art installation Juxtapoz Clubhouse – The first edition of Juxtapoz Clubhouse to take place outside of the Art Basel, Miami circuit: a massive and immersive art installation, including live performances and site-specific works by high-profile and emerging urban artists.
  • Vauxhall Screenings – Held in the theater hall of The Ramble Hotel in RiNo, a two-night film screening highlighting street art culture and social practices in urban art throughout the world.
  • Satellite Exhibitions – CRUSH WALLS is working with local galleries to create a truly immersive art festival, inviting guests to numerous individual gallery exhibitions opening throughout the week. Including: exhibition from invited artists Smithe and Poni from Mexico, curated by Galeria Balneario
  • Art talks – Attendees will gain insight from local, national and international creative talent in intimate settings, in a series of art talks in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.
  • Street Art Guided Tours – In collaboration with The Street Art Network - Rebel Tours - September 3 to 9: without getting in too much trouble(!), festival-goers will have the chance to embark on an eye-opening tour to see loads of street art where international, national and local artists have made their mark.
  • CRUSH WALLS Print Launches – Limited-edition exclusive releases are scheduled across the event, giving festival-goers a chance to own new works by artists.
  • Denver Bazaar Arts Fest – in partnership with Red Wolf Collective: gallery pop-ups, exhibiting artists, live mural painting and street art demonstration hosted by Red Wolf Gallery at Booz Hall RiNo
  • Zine Art Fair at The Source – come print your own Zine Experience workshop with a small print shop
  • Denver Orbit Pop-up Story Booth – pop-up booth by the award-winning magazine, featuring voices, stories and music from Colorado's creative community, and recording station to tell one’s story – at Zeppelin Station.
  • Outdoor Stencil and Chalk Spray Workshop – Held in collaboration with the Denver Public Library, children from all ages will be offered the chance to express their creativity in a Chalk Spray and Stencil Workshop
  • Literary Crawl Denver – A tour of literary landmarks and thought-provoking talks held across numerous venues in the city, the literary crawl is held in conjunction with At The Inkwell, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, the FBomb, Mile-High MFA (Regis University), Tethered by Letters, Colorado Humanities and BookBar.
  • Mini Street Skate Park – Outside Zeppelin Station, with skate deck exhibition curated by Jean-Claude G/Raud from France, in support of the project
  • Secret Walls – An unparalleled live illustration battle where two teams of artists have 90 minutes to paint their walls against the pressure of the clock. A rare opportunity to watch freestyle work unfolding live at a secret location (to be announced).