Hiking In Colorado!

Garden of the Gods Loop

Difficulty: Easy • Length: 4.0 Miles • Duration: 1-3 Hours

Garden of the Gods is a four star rated hike that is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This trail is not only family friendly but dogs are welcome too. Large rock formations that are the center of the loop are visible from all parts of the trail. This path give you the feeling of being among the rocks.


Raspberry Mountain

Difficulty: Easy • Length: 6.0 miles • Duration: 1-3 Hours

Raspberry Mountain is a pleasant hike with a wide and smooth trail. For the most part, the trail is shaded by Colorado Spruce. At the summit you will enjoy a 360-degree view of Pikes Peak and the Catamount Reservoirs. It’s very likely that the only people on this trail will be you and those you brought with you.


Meyers Homestead Trail

Difficulty: Moderate • Length: 5.2 miles • Duration: 1-3 Hours

Meyers Homestead Trail is a five star rated hiking trail located southwest of Boulder, Colorado. The late spring and early summer yields an abundance of wildflowers and in the fall it’s not uncommon to see small herds of elk along the hike. Meyers Homestead holds interesting historical significance and signage along the trail point out historical ecological points of interest.


Blue Lake

Difficulty: Moderate  • Length: 5.3 miles • Duration: Half Day

Blue Lake is located in the Roosevelt National Forest near Ward, Colorado. This trail provides excellent views and pictures of wildlife and flowers. Along the way you will encounter many streams, small ponds and eventually end up at Blue Lake with an incredible view of the Continental Divide. Blue Lake is above the timberline, so dress accordingly.


Mount Bierstadt

Difficulty: Moderate • Length: 6.9 miles • Duration: Half Day

Mount Bierstadt is the perfect beginner fourteener. It is an easy day trip and dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash. This hike offers incredible views of the front range mountains at a very moderate pace.


Devil’s Thumb Pass

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult • Length: 13.3 miles • Duration: Full Day

Devil’s Thumb is a wonderful hike if you are up for the 13 mile journey. There are much shorter routes to the pass but none offer the type of experience you get on the 13 mile route. On the hike itself, you will ascend nearly 2,400 feet due to the length of the trail. Make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, and any other provisions needed because this is a full day hike.


Hall Ranch Trails (includes Bitterbrush Trail & Nelson Loop Trail)

Difficulty: Difficult • Length: 5.9 miles • Duration: 1-3 Hours

This trail is good for advanced cyclists and hikers. It is very strenuous and if you are riding a bike, be ready for steep climbs and rapid descents. There is plenty of wildlife and scenery on the trail. Dogs are not allowed on this hike!


Hanging Lake

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult • Length: 2.4 miles Round Trip • Duration: 2 Hours Round Trip

Hanging Lake is a short hike to two waterfalls and one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado. On the same hike, you can explore Spouting Rock Falls, and even walk behind the waterfall. It’s not a day hike near Denver, but it’s definitely worth the nearly three-hour drive to the Hanging Lake Trailhead just outside of Glenwood Springs.

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