Interior Design Trends for Fall

I can't believe I'm writing a post about fall in August, but its' just around the corner and I feel like Halloween and the holidays will be here before we know it.  And just like with fashion, with the cooler temperatures comes new styles and ideas on how to spruce up your home for the chilly months ahead. 


Velvet: Its no wonder velvet made the top of the list, as we saw it in fashion everywhere last winter. Velvet is a great way to create a cozy but sophisticated look. There is an abundance of velvet pillows, quilts, and accent pieces on the market right now. Try them in moodier color palettes like navy, dark pinks, and jewel tones. Or for the ultimate rich fall look, mix velvet with leather by throwing some velvet pillows on a leather sofa. 

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Navy Blue: Navy is not just for trends, but a timeless color you won't regret. Because of its darker shade, its perfect for fall and a great substitute if you don't want to over do it with black. Not to mention, it goes with almost any color and is just as versatile. Try a navy accent wall, some of those velvet pillows I mentioned, or switching out a rug for a dramatic look.

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Textures: What better way to make your home more cozy than by adding texture? Not just textiles like chunky wool blankets and pillows, but textured art, wood accent pieces, baskets, or even tiled backsplashes can create more texture and soften a home. Try using that jute rug from spring for a layered look like this:

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New Neutrals: Although grays and blues will always remain timeless neutrals, you can put them away for the chiller months ahead. Warm neutrals like tan, caramel, chocolate, and even white are making a comeback from the "beige days" of the early 2000's. Just make sure your whites are warm rather than cool tones. Just like with the Texture trend, try adding some wood pieces, baskets, linen textiles, or worn leather into your space. 

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