Why Denver is the Perfect Place for Young Entrepreneurs

If I were to tell you that Denver ranks pretty high in the country for places that young entrepreneurs are moving to, would that surprise you? Probably not because we all know that Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and with our outdoor playground in our backyard, the work/life balance here attracts hard workers from all areas. Recently, Denver was ranked 9th in the nation of best cities for young entrepreneurs based on the four criteria of young adult influence, educational attainment, population growth and tax environment by MoneyRates.com.


The rate at which this city is growing will not slow down anytime soon and the types of jobs that the city has to offer is bringing more and more talent to Colorado. Young entrepreneurs see Denver as a place to set up shop because they don’t have the excessive cost of living, a great pick of potential workers and they get to live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. Also the location of Denver is idea for work, it is not too long of a flight from California or the Midwest (New York is always a bit of a long flight but hey, for the view of the Rocky Mountains I think many people will take the three + hour flight).


When many of these young entrepreneurs come to Denver they are looking for a place to set up shop or even a place they can use as a live/work space. One thing I would recommend is to look into the extensive selection of lofts this city has to offer that are ideal as live/work spaces. Since 2005, I have been specializing in lofts, specifically those in the downtown area, and my website AllDenverLofts.com is a great place to start looking for any young entrepreneur looking to move to Denver. Not only will you have a spot to work and live, but you will also own property here in Denver that is always a great investment. I constantly tell my clients that the greatest investment anyone can make for themselves in Denver right now is in real estate and the facts and numbers that recent studies have shown continue to prove that point.


If you are an entrepreneur looking to move to the Denver area sometime soon or anytime in the future, give me a call or email today and let’s set up a time to chat about the choices you have when it comes to looking for the perfect life/work space for your business.

Live/work Loft At The Bolt Factory - Listed By: Phillip Svabodo, Blue Shift Real Estate  $5000/MO  8/26/16

Live/work Loft At The Bolt Factory - Listed By: Phillip Svabodo, Blue Shift Real Estate  $5000/MO


What The Denver Broncos Taught Me

It wouldn’t be right to not say a little something about those football players from Denver who recently won the most coveted title in football. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for being Super Bowl L champions! What a time to be a Broncos fan, our team had quite a year but in the end, led by Peyton Manning, the team rallied together to play a great Super Bowl game and came out victorious. There has never been so much blue and orange draped around the city and it is quite a wonderful sight to see.

After the big win on Sunday, I listened to many of the interviews with the players and the coaches and have to say, I came away with a lot of realizations about football but also about what it means to be on a team and to have one another’s backs through thick and thin. When Peyton was injured earlier this year, many people got down on him saying he was too old to play and wouldn’t ever be able to come back and play the way he once did. The truth is, Peyton is not the youngest quarterback out there, he isn’t the fastest and he isn’t the most graceful even. But he is one of the smartest quarterbacks out there, who has a team that respects and follows his lead. On and off the field, Peyton is looked up to by players, coaches and the media a like, because he is far more than just a superior football player. For a team to be successful, like the Broncos were this season, there needs to be those leaders on and off the field. The ones who encourage their fellow teammates, push themselves and others to do better, take the disappointments in stride and celebrate each and every little victory.

That kind of work ethic and leadership is something I admire and myself try to do in my everyday life. I am lucky enough to work with some amazing team members, from the company my husband and I run together to the financial organizations I help run, being a team player and a leader is something I strive to do from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I have encountered many bad leaders in my time, managers who lack personal skills and speak to their employees in a degrading way, co-workers who find it ok to talk badly about one another or owners who are barely seen at their companies leading many employees to wonder how important the business really is to the owner. The thing is, you can’t have a team without a leader or a group of strong leaders who support those they advise and those they mentor.

There is that saying, there is no “i” in team, and the Broncos showed us that more than anything this past weekend. The offense, the defense, the kicker and good ol’ Peyton, all took to that field and showed what it looks like when a team works together for their cause. In the end, they walked off the field all smiles, knowing they had all taken part in their great victory.

Photo From; The Denver Post

Photo From; The Denver Post