Keep Yourself Cool This Summer

Well, summer weather is officially upon and minus the crazy days of hail and dramatic thunderstorms, the sun and warm times have found their way to Denver and I would say, bring on the summer fun! As you and the family get ready to enjoy this warm weather, I would remind you to take precautions when being out in the sun for long periods of time and have compiled a list of ways to stay hydrated whether you are enjoying a Rockies baseball game or a day of exploring in the mountains, we live in one dry climate and on top of the heat, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated!

  • Who says that you have to drink your hydration? A summer favorite fruit, watermelon, is one of the best thirst quenchers in the book. The fruit is made up of 92% water mixed with salt, calcium and a bit of magnesium making this ideal for rehydration. Also if you are more of the veggie type, celery is a good choice because the stalks are 95% water and its packed full of fiber and minerals.
  • Sometimes we just don’t want to drink water, understandable, so throw in a few other beverages such as milk (studies show it is better than both water and sports drinks for rehydration and recovery after exercise). Smoothies are both refreshing and nutritionally packed, a bonus!
  • Drink water until you feel like a fish, not really, but as humans we need a lot of water on the daily and many of us barely get even close to the right amount. For women, it’s around 11 cups a day and for men it’s around 15 cups a day but remember, that includes 20% from food intake.
  • We all love a good cocktail on a sunny patio somewhere in Denver, who doesn’t? But be careful while consuming alcoholic beverages which lead to additional fluid loss. For every alcoholic beverage you consume, make sure to have one non-alcoholic beverage, and always drink in moderation.

Besides staying hydrated it is also important to stay cool and below are a few great pools to head to with the family:

  • Denver Parks and Recreation has 13 indoor pools and 16 outdoor pools, because summer is when outdoor opens, make sure to take advantage of the ones listed:
    • Outdoor: Aztlan , Green Valley Ranch, Barnum Park, Harvey Park, Berkeley Park, Harvard Gulch, Congress Park, La Alma/Lincoln, Cook Park, Mestizo-Curtis Park, Eisenhower, Ruby Hill, Garfield Park, Southwest, Globeville Argo, Swansea

Maybe you would like to have the comfort of a pool in your own backyard? If that is the case and you are thinking it may be time to look for a new house with such pool, give me a call today and let’s grab some hydrating drinks and discuss what exactly you are looking for.

Photo by ivanastar/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ivanastar/iStock / Getty Images

2015 Presenting Sponsor for Colorado Bobcats Youth Basketball

I am proud to announce that my Brokerage Modglin Real Estate Group is the 2015 Presenting Sponsor for the Colorado Bobcats youth basketball team.

Last year we had the pleasure of being the Presenting sponsor for this new team.  Additionally, we had the opportunity get to know this team and their families as it was our first year as their Presenting sponsor.  I am so proud of this team!  These kids work so hard and have so many games throughout the season.  For the 2014 season they played 94 games and they won 55 of them.  These kids are amazing atheletes, do well in school and always make sure to have fun!  

I would also like to acknowledge the Bobcat's coaches, Sean Burrow and Jason Buzard.  These two coaches are so inspiring to the team and they make sure the kids know it's not always about winning but about having fun, learning and growing.  Like the great Napoleon Hill once said " What the mind can conceive, one can achieve".  

In my life and business I make sure I am always learning, growing and having fun and I make sure to surround myself with the people who have the same goals and ambitions I do.  This is why I enjoy sponsoring this team!  

If you would like to know more about the Colorado Bobcats Team or know a child who would like to tryout please visit  Tryouts will be held Friday, March 13th.