As you drive on the highway out of Denver, away from the city towards the towns surrounding, you may find yourself on US-85 heading towards a town called Brighton, Colorado. Just a hop, skip and jump away from Denver, or about a thirty minute drive, this small town has a lot of character as well as a lot of history. First established as a city back in the 1860’s, Brighton first possessed the name Hughes Station because of the Hughes Stagecoach Station that was built as well as the Boulder Valley Railroad. During that time, Hughes Station was a place for the railroad and fur traders to stop as everything was expanding west. In 1881, the City of Brighton was born, named after the birthplace of the founder Daniel Carmichael’s wife. From that point on, Brighton continued to grow and thrive as a city as it continues to do to this day.

Today I have a listing that I am working on that is located in Brighton, CO.  I am excited for this listing because I live in Brighton so it's close to my home and my heart as I am raising my family here.  

I moved to Brighton three years ago and let me tell you it was not a move I wanted to make.  When I thought of Brighton I though it was too far east, didn't have anything going on and it was just not interested.  When we started to look for a home we wanted something unique and custom, on some land and a place where we could maybe have horses and just spread out a little.  When you are a Realtor you work with people all day, you are in your car a lot and all you want to do when you come home is relax and enjoy your family and loved ones. 

My husband sent me a listing in Brighton and said we should go check out this home.  I said "no way, I am not moving to Brighton".  He asked me several times to go look at it and every time I turned it down.  He was persistent with me and then just scheduled the showing and I was kicking and screaming all the way there.  Well, that just happened to be the home we had been looking for and believe me we were looking for an entire year.   

Once we got settled in we realized that Brighton was not that far and there was actually a little downtown area that was screaming for some attention.  So I started to get to know Brighton a little better and even got involved a little with the redevelopment of the old Brighton Buddhist church.  I met with the city of Brighton and the Brighton Economic Development committee and learned that there is a lot planned for Brighton and the city is working hard to support the small business that are currently there, bring in new small businesses so that more people and families will move here and see what a great city it is.  

For my listing today I had the the photography done by @NoahBergPhotography and a drone video shoot done by@B&GCameraNautics and the video production will be done by Wade Holland @WadeHollandMedia.  I have never used a drone before as most of my listings are in an urban setting in Downtown Denver so it was a really fun experience.  

Well, you probably thought I was going to give you all the details didn't you. Nope, you will have to wait until next week when the listing and video goes live.  

Stay tuned....


Why Being Social Is Essential In Any Business

When talking about social media, many people think of it as a fun thing they do during the day when they have a few down minutes. Social platforms are seen as a place to keep pictures and look up old friends, to write about opinions and to share memories. But there is a whole other side to social media that I, as a business owner, have come know quite well. No matter how hard many business owners’ try to fight it, our country is an ever-growing social media network with new ways to connect and market coming out daily. It is important as a person in business that I figure out the best way to use social media to further my work connections, to advertise my properties and to market myself as a real estate agent and business owner. While I do believe in the older way of marketing, going out and meeting people and handing out my card, there is just not enough hours in the day. Having social platforms that I can post on helps me connect with a wider audience while allowing more relationships to begin via the Internet. Below I have compiled a list of the benefits to having different social media platforms for your company:

Finding New Customers/New Customers Finding You – Whatever product your are buying/selling, there is always a market out there and the more you are out there on social media marketing yourself, the more likely people will find you. With things like Facebook, you can join groups that specifically go with your company and from there, new customers can find you. Or on a platform like Twitter, finding what you want is only a “@” sign away.

Seeing Your Target Market Personally – With access to your customer base at your fingertips on social media, you will get to know them better which in turn will help you market your company/product better.

Keeps You in the Now – A lot of business owners think they have missed the train when it comes to social media and are not sure why they should start now. Well, I can tell you this, it is never too late to start! Even if you are just putting your business on the social media map, you will be surprised just how quickly being in the public eye will increase your sales. Also, it is more than likely that your competition is on social media already and therefore already a step ahead of you. We both know that being one step behind is never the best place to be so take the step and get your social media started today!

It Is Free – I could repeat this one a few times because let me tell you, marketing isn’t cheap, but social media is free, period. Use that to your advantage! Get out there and figure out what social platforms are best for your brand and then use those as guides to market your company. If you are a company such as a real estate agent, using Instagram to post pictures of upcoming listings or great house fixer-upper ideas would benefit not just you, but your clientele, and possibly future clients as well.

Take the time today and sit down to experiment with different social media platforms to figure out which one best fits your business. If they appear intimidating, there are plenty of social media experts out there who would be willing to sit down and go over each essential element to each platform and help you decide which platform makes the most sense for your company.

Just remember, it is essential to be social in today’s business world, find the best platforms for you and your company and watch your business grow!