Shipping Container Architecture - We love all things modern and historic!

I have partnered up with a local Denver Architect, Carolyn Corogin and we have come together to form The ModCOR Group LLC.  We are a 100% woman owned Business and we will be redeveloping or developing in the Denver Metro area.  We love all things modern and historic and are looking forward to our first project together. 

I first met Carolyn three years ago when she wanted to look at a loft at the Walnut Loft or know as the  in RiNO.  It was a Penthouse loft that was a short sale.  She took one look at it and decided to make an offer.  It was the only property I showed her.  It was love at first sight!  We went under contract and thirty days later it was Carolyn's

Later on Carolyn decided that her Benjamin Moore loft was getting a little small as she works at home as a full time Architect, Visual Artist and Interior Designer.  She wanted another penthouse on a corner with two parking spaces and some views.  I looked for over a year to find Carolyn her larger perfect loft and I finally found her a gorgeous loft at the Cherokee Lofts in the Golden Triangle.   Unfortunately Carolyn did not like the way it was designed so she completely remodeled it from head to toe (pictures coming soon)  I just recently got the pleasure to see her loft now that it is complete and it's is absolutely stunning, a true master piece and work of art.  

Carolyn and I continued to stay in touch and worked on referring business to each other over the years.  At the beginning of this year we decided to become partners so we could start working on redeveloping, renovating and restoring old properties or possibly just building from scratch.  We met at the Source Downtown and just started talking about that project and what we liked and didn't like about it.  We though if only we could get our hands on a building like that we could really do something wonderful.  While we didn't find anything like the source we found a building that was just as unique and interesting, an old church in Downtown Brighton.    It was just what we were looking for and it was in a an area that has a lot of potential.  So we decided to to make an offer and go for it.

We are currently under contract on this old 1968 building in Downtown Brighton that has been vacant for about 10 years.  It's our understanding that this building was an old Buddhist Church.  Our plan is to redevelop this property into Retail and either a Tap Room , Brewery or Restaurant.  That plan is not set in stone as we still need to get through to the planning department and our due diligence to make sure this project makes sense.  This property is currently on the Historic preservation list so we will be working on getting it designated as well once we close.  This will allow it to be on the national historic preservation list.  We have also been told there is an old Pinyon Tree that sits on the property so we will be designing this project around this pinion tree so we don't have to cut it down.  Most of the trees surrounding the property will be incorporated into the project as well.  

Are designs will use sustainable practices and green building techniques.  Each of our projects will incorporate using old shipping containers as part of the architecture and design. I have included a couple photos of some shipping container projects in the Denver metro area.  One is the Starbucks on 104th and Bannock and the Cart and Driver, Huckleberry Roasters Building at 2500 Larimer.  

Stay tuned for more details on this project and we would love to hear your comments and feedback.  

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