The importance of maintaining your property

It is very exciting to own your own home. From my clients who are first time homebuyers, to my experienced homebuyers, I know each and every one of them takes pride in their home. The thing that can be daunting though, no matter how many years you have been in a place, is keeping up the maintenance. Below is a list of what you can do to maintain your house over the years to keep it in tip-top shape:


Monthly things to do:

·      Clean your kitchen sink disposal – this is easy to do, just make some vinegar ice cubes and run them through the disposal, easy

·      Inspect your fire extinguisher

·      Clean range hood filters if you have them

·      Inspect and possibly change out HVAC filters – a few handyman have told me to replace these monthly with cheaper filters rather than replacing them every couple of months with more expensive filters


Quarterly things to do:

·      Test smoke/carbon dioxide detectors

·      Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces – if your kids no longer live with you, and their bathroom never gets used anymore, it is imperative to make sure you still run water to prevent grime buildup

·      Check water softener


Biannually things to do:

·      Give your house a deep clean – I like to do this more than biannually and I also recommend calling in a cleaning company to really give your house a one-over because sometimes, we just don’t clean as good as the pros do

·      Replace batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors

·      Vacuum your refrigerator coils – this is something I learned but your fridge uses up to 15% of your home’s total power so when you’re the coils on your fridge get dirty, your fridge has to use more energy


Summer things to do: since we are in the heat of the summertime I thought it only appropriate to also add things you can do to your home during the hot months –

·      Check grout in bathrooms and kitchen

·      Inspect plumbing for leaks from the cold season and repair anything found

·      Take care of insect problems if you have them – summer is when insects are out and about and this is the time to shut them down so they don’t make a home within your home for the cold months

·      Clean and repair your patio/deck if needed

·      Check and clean dryer vent and other exhaust vents

·      Clean your garage – at my home, we make cleaning the garage a summer ritual. Though out the cold months, your garage gathers dust and debris and often is a bit neglected. Summer is the perfect time to give your garage a little tlc


This is a great place to start and don’t let it be too daunting. As a homeowner you understand that there is always something to do and the best way to tackle everything is just a day at a time.